Dr. Lisa Cass graduated from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2005. She was certified in veterinary acupuncture through the Medical Acupuncture Program for Veterinarians at Colorado State University. Some of her special interests in veterinary medicine include internal medicine, nutrition, behavior, the human-animal bond, and senior pet hospice care.

After working at hospitals in the Boulder area, Dr. Cass started her house call practice in 2009 in response to requests for home vet care from friends and acquaintances. She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her partner, three children, rescue dog Snickers, senior cat Koa and a betta fish named Gerald. When she’s not working Dr. Cass likes to spend time with her family, hike, and practice yoga. In 2018 Dr. Cass completed a yoga teacher training program and started Brown Cat, a non-profit offering yoga and meditation classes for veterinarians.