The decision to euthanize a beloved family dog or cat is one of the most difficult decisions we have to make. While we might expect to experience sadness during this time, the true range of emotions can actually be quite a bit more complex. Home euthanasia can help ease the stress of this emotional time by ensuring a safe and comfortable space for family members and friends to spend precious time together in a private setting.

Many people struggle to know when the time is right. If you are unsure or would like help navigating this decision, Dr. Cass offers a physical exam and quality of life assessment at home to provide options and to talk through the decision-making process. When the time comes that a good quality of life can no longer be achieved, she will come to the home to provide a peaceful passing.

Dr. Cass provides cremation services after euthanasia through Lasting Paws Pet Memorial Services. Both communal and private cremations are offered, as well as a keepsake paw prints. Please contact Dr. Cass via phone, text or email for more information about home euthanasia scheduling, fees, and aftercare.