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Is your pet ready for euthanasia? This is one of the most difficult questions we have to ask ourselves when facing this decision for a beloved family member. Trying to time euthanasia involves wanting as much quality time together as possible while preventing suffering and emergencies that can arise during end-of-life care. Balancing these desires can be challenging, and deciding when it is time is one of the hardest questions we face as humans.

Questions we might ask include:
Is my pet suffering?
Is there anything else that can be done to improve quality of life?
Am I waiting too long?
What can I expect if I want a natural passing for my pet?

Worrying about a sick pet can put us in an emotional state of anticipatory grief, which often brings up emotions related to past losses, can magnify other issues in our lives, and causes lots of feelings to bubble up. We want to know that we are doing the right thing.

The following questionnaire can be helpful in determining quality of life. It can be hard to see things clearly through the veil of our love, so this can help us see quality of life more objectively. Printing this questionnaire and filling it out pen to paper, rather than just looking online is most helpful.

How Do I know When it is Time?
Families of animals receiving long term care need support and guidance for questions and concerns that might change frequently. Every animal is a unique individual with a unique set of physical and emotional needs, and there is not a one-size-fits-all plan for any condition.

Dr. Cass will work with the family to help provide a thorough physical evaluation of the pet as well as information, options and recommendations achieve the best quality of life possible. We will work together to determine when euthanasia is the right decision.